COVID-19 has had a significant impact on New Zealand therefore, as a result, Immigration New Zealand had to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 in a particular way as instructed by the New Zealand Government.

Part of this response, Immigration New Zealand has been allowing extensions to their current visa and ensuring that the boarders remain strong in an attempt to control the spread COVID-19 in New Zealand.

At this point, currently, New Zealand has managed to keep control over COVID-19 which indicates that the border restrictions for people with specific purposes, such as critical workers, healthcare workers for Government approved projects, etc, can be allowed back in the country on the following proper COVID-19 instructions.  

It is the efforts and aspirations of Sharma Law to guide you through your immigration matters during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Whether you are in New Zealand holding a visa or wish to come to New Zealand from overseas, we can help.

On our website as well, we will have constant Immigration New Zealand and Government updates to keep you updated with the most recent events.

Should you have any immigration concerns, feel free to contact us and arrange an initial meeting.  We would love to be of assistance to you.