Sharma Law Is A Specialised Immigration Practice, Operating For Over 10 Years.



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Founded by New Zealand immigration lawyer Rahul Sharma, Sharma Law a key resource for all your New Zealand immigration needs.


Our experienced team of immigration lawyers and consultants work to provide the best, most efficient visa services available. Providing affordable legal consultations that can help you understand your options so you can make well informed decisions based on an analysis of your situation and credentials.

If you are in New Zealand or intending to relocate to New Zealand, our practice has that expertise to assist you. You may wish to migrate and settle, or you may be looking to invest or study in New Zealand.

Thanks, heaps for supporting me in the processing of my work visa and visa approval. I can't thank you enough for rendering such an exceptional client service with notable professionalism which I am completely satisfied with.

Hence I am extremely delighted to recommend Sharma Law to others who seek better immigration advice and other related services, especially to those who have a tough time searching for a good immigration lawyer.

Your perseverance and diligence in promptly handling any cases have led to the rapid increase in the successful client numbers. Thank you again for helping me in creating a better future for me and my family.


A consultation is the best way to get started on your path to immigration in New Zealand.



Sharma Law Gradient Design

At Sharma Law, we are dedicated to providing our clients the highest quality immigration service.


Based in Hamilton, our firm is surrounded by a beautiful New Zealand landscape, rich in opportunities for families, students, and skilled workers. We understand how daunting the visa process can be, especially in these times of challenge and change. After consulting us we can assure you that you will have a clearer understanding of your path ahead in migrating to New Zealand. You can trust us to have your best interest at our heart. Our approach is to guarantee our best efforts in every case.

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Sharma Law uses well researched analysis with the latest case processing technology, a wide range of advanced case management tools and of course top talent to ensure that your Visa application is handled with the utmost care.

Client Focused Immigration Lawyer
Client Focused Immigration Lawyer


Our 99% + successful applications demonstrates we know how to put you on the right path to succeed from the beginning of your journey.

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Client Professional Immigration Lawyer


Our team of immigration lawyers are experts in New Zealand Immigration law and policy. We are here to help with all your immigration needs.

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We know the immigration process in-depth and are dedicated to using our knowledge and expertise to help you overcome any challenges you might face.

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Our lawyers are experienced in immigration matters for migration from any country in the world.

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Being a regulated service and members of the New Zealand Law Society means you can count on us on client care and our expertise in Immigration Law.  We have succeeded in countless cases from some straight forward visa applications to more challenging PPI’s and complex deportation and IPT appeal and ministerial intervention requests. No matter what your story is, we are here to listen and guide you towards success.

As seen in Client testimonials, our clients vouch for our quality, ethics, client care, and relentless persuasion in preparing and presenting our client’s case.